High Durability Coatings for Strength and Longevity

The walls of many buildings, such as schools, sports arenas, hospitals, and manufacturing plants, are susceptible to extreme daily wear and tear, Plus, the thorough, deep cleaning necessary to keep facilities healthy and safe are likely damaging the substrate. High-durability coating application by Life Painting keep your facility surfaces standing strong and looking great while staying within operating budget.

types of paint

Standard latex wall paint simply won’t do when it comes to high-traffic areas of your business. It’s not durable enough, so you’ll incur compounding maintenance and reapplication costs each time you have to hire someone to repaint.
High-performance coating, on the other hand, is engineered specifically for toughness, and you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal. High-durability paint comes in all the most popular colors and sheens and can be applied by our local professional painting contractors.

space considerations

As with any paint job, proper preparation is key to an adequate finished project. The space to be painted needs to be clean, and the substrate needs to be prepared.
When choosing the high-durability coating, remember to consider all the demands, needs, and potential uses of your space. Your surfaces may require:
• Chemical & Cleaner Resistance
• Moisture Resistance
• Scuff & Abrasion Resistance
Whatever your space needs, Life Painting can recommend a quality, high-durability coating to get the job done.
While the base cost of high-durability coatings is higher than standard residential paints, they’re helping you avoid costly, unplanned repaints and paint repairs down the line, so you come out ahead. Plus, high-durability paints tend to last more than twice as long as standard paints.

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